Summer is not my favorite season but as I’ve gotten older I have come to appreciate it a bit more. Why don’t I love the season of poolside, bar-be-que’s, sunburns and flip flops? Well its slow feeling. That saying “the dog days of Summer?” It is real. The heat is hardly motivating here in Texas. Retail slows down so you gotta make hay with any sunshine. Knock on wood, its been a better sales Summer but still its not Fall or Spring sales traffic. Bottom line, this season just makes me lazy yet antsy. I tap my feet a lot though I could totally nap in a hammock. However, we’ve been traveling a lot this Summer and it has been fantastic. I had an incredible few days in Los Angeles, I’m seeing one of my favorite bands next weekend and I kicked off the Summer with a U2 concert, and we spent a week in cooler Colorado. I’ve also come to appreciate this time as a “self care season.” Summer is now my January. I don’t make a lot commitments socially, I retreat, I practice good habits, I relish in the one on one time with my husband, I read a lot, and I recharge.

Although I may hermit, I don’t fall off the grid and wear my swimsuit all season. I’ve tried a few new products, purchased a few new favorites for my closet, and also have been patiently waiting for Gucci Westman’s new green makeup line to debut…supposedly this month. Fingers crossed. I love Gucci Westman, ugh she’s great. Sorry for that side track! Here is what I’m totally digging on, no diggity, this Summer so far…

Aside from a few lipsticks, my makeup is all clean, chemical free. I am pretty much 70% converted to all green beauty and personal products. I haven’t found a good green tinted moisturizer though. After lots of recommendations, I order Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin. It totally lives up to all the hype. I even bought one for one of my friends who also loves a good tinted moisturizer and she loves it. She’s a tough critic. It’s lightweight but good coverage and does give a good dewy finish but not oily looking.
I love sneakers. I love heels and should wear them more (I need calf definition), but with my business and on the go lifestyle, my feet love sneakers. I ordered these Nike Cortez in nude lizard and I’m DYING. The Cortez style from Nike is a classic. It’s been around since the late 70’s and Nike is bringing them back in cool updates like this lizard scale. I wore them in Colorado with denim shorts and had people stop me at the Beer and Wine Festival. They’re lightweight, comfy as hell, and SO AFFORDABLE. I didn’t know I would love them as much as I have. I’m hunting for my next pair.
Oh hey Cortez sneaker! Just cool. It’s a cool, retro sneaker. Even Duchess Meghan Markle was wearing a pair to her pilates class in London before the wedding.
I’ve dabbled off and on with the Tracy Anderson Method. I have her DVD’s and have popped one in a time or two. I like the Method, I’ve just never committed. I signed up for the Streaming classes last month and I love it. I haven’t tried one of the big class streaming videos, I’m still one on one with a trainer following her along.I get a new video every 7 days to do for 7 days or however often I can. I’m not bored and that’s HUGE. The videos always became mundane for me. This could be my golden ticket back to a fitness habit folks. So far so good. I even did it in Colorado on vacation. BOOM.
The knotted tank from DYI Define Your Inspiration is my favorite workout tank. It’s flattering with the front tuck knot, lays nicely over my hips, and perfectly fitted so I don’t look sloppy if I go from Tracy Anderson or gym to work.
Remember how I mentioned I practice good habits during the Summer? Well I’ve made a habit of dry brushing before I shower. An Ayurvedic doctor recommended it to me in LA and I will say I’ve noticed the benefits of it especially in my skin. The GOOP dry brush they just launched will be in store at Aquarius next week and the handle makes it easy to get your back and hard to reach places.
Just throwing it back with my fashion this Summer. I ordered the Levi 501 tapered jeans after seeing them on a blogger and I LOVE them. Very LA, relaxed leg but not too boyfriend style. Pretty effortless looking on with the distressing. Very flattering too! Another one of those cool girl pieces.
I love jumpsuits. Love maybe an understatement. I’ve been wanting a white jumpsuit that could be year round and this Nanoushka one just maybe my pot of gold.
My new morning yogurt for my berries and chia seeds. Definitely tangy tasting but SO EFFECTIVE as a probiotic. More so than the probiotic I take every morning. Instant gut balancer.


I am desperately seeking Susan style to blog more so stay tuned! My next post will be sooner than 2 months 🙂


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