Although I didn’t take turning 30 years old well. Like at all. That landmark year though was horrible for me for different reasons entirely, I think women overall get better with age if they choose to. Key word choose. Some women I know have not reached for a firming serum and it ain’t pretty going into their 50’s. But to each their own, happiness lives in many forms. I, on the other hand, embrace aging and gleefully seek out specific eye creams and firming moisturizers. With so many avenues available right now, women can age as beautifully, gracefully, and as healthy as they’d like. That’s another blog post….

Yesterday I reached another milestone in my journey of getting older. No it wasn’t an answer to my problematic neck wrinkles that are deepening, wtf, I finally made an eye doctor appointment after it became more than apparent my eyes often don’t focus at first. Low and behold, this almost 34 year old needs glasses. With the attitude that my first pair of glasses would be a fashion accessory and expression of my style, I picked out the perfect pair coming in next week. Can’t. Wait. I won’t say what I decided on until I can share a selfie, but I will share some inspiration and might I add, I’m in some stylish company with these four eyed ladies. 


Looking forward to seeing the world through a new lens 🙂


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