Ahhhhh January. The month that is best described as a “reset.” It’s a quiet, un motivating month in my opinion. As I’m typing this, the city and my business is closed today due to a unusual Winter storm for San Antonio. This type of Winter makes it hard to keep one’s energy up especially when its quiet socially and slower in sales at the store. It’s just a transition month. That being said, I appreciate the quiet at times. I’m participating somewhat in a Whole 30 challenge. Somewhat being I’ve had a hiccup, whoops but it was a good cocktail, but I’m gotten back up in the saddle the next morning with a workout and clean meal. I’ve also been purging my closet. Something I highly recommend this time of year. You’ve had a year to get a clear idea of what you actually wear and what you don’t in every season. It’s a liberating experience but can also be quiet brutal as you’ve really gotta part with those pants you’ve been saving for skinnier times ahead or that dress with tags on it that’s been sitting in your closet for a year. Purge it with love as I say. That being said, I’ve been making room for fashion I’m excited about this year. I always have an ongoing wishlist but here are a few of my style inspirations I want to try this year…

I screen shotted this a while back. I just loved the ease and effortlessness of this outfit. This year,  I’m inspired to not only wear my sneakers with dresses as long as I can before the heat is too unbearable that my feet need air 🙂 I’m also inspired to incorporate more feminine details in my closet like florals, ruffle, even more pink. I’m a bit more edgy and androgynous style wise, but hey I can embrace my girly side too.
I’m calling it. This year it is all about the hoop earrings. And there is nobody that has made the hoop cooler than my favorite jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher. Not only has she made the hoop cool again, but she offers tons of sizes and styles to choose from. I’ve studied, yes studied, her hoop earring collection in order to decide which style I’d love the most…I’ve pretty much decided on the 2″ gold Erin pair seen above on Poppy Delevingne. I can’t wait until they’re on my ears….
A new year, a new style of denim to try. I’ve always got skinnies, my favorite boyfriend styles, and a pair of flared jeans when its a 70’s moment but this year I’m bringing the relaxed wide leg into my closet. This image is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Not too wide leg, but a more fitted at the waist then straight, loose leg from the thigh on. I’m pairing my classic button downs, my silk blouses, and my summer tees with them.

How is your reset month going?



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