I like a time of reflection. I think its necessary for the soul and your overall well being. The time between Christmas and the New Year is such time for myself and my husband. We retreat somewhere where we can disconnect, recharge, and perfect the art of doing nothing. It is our last day here in West Texas and although the New Year is Monday, I’ve been working on my aspirations for 2018. I’ve gone back and forth on setting New Year’s goals but ultimately I think its necessary. Even if you don’t achieve all of them, I think there is something quite powerful about putting goals into the Universe. Here are just a few I hope to honor and cross off this list in the coming year.

I think I say this every year but its still relevant to include. I hope to write more this next year by way of blogging more and journaling more of my thoughts and to do’s. An act of self-care necessary for my mental clarity. 
Jeremy and I have been remodeling a warehouse in our neighborhood of Southtown San Antonio. It’s been a labor of love and patience but I am excited to enjoy it as our next home. I miss entertaining, a gas stove, and a nice closet. It’s the little things you appreciate when you downsize to a rental apartment 🙂 Ultimately I’m excited to see it finished and all of our ideas of a modern, industrial space come to fruition. Above a Pinterest inspiration we both love for the space. 
Unfortunately along with my battle to become a morning person, I battle weight management. I suffer from hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance so my body relies on discipline and good ol fashion exercise to keep those skinny jeans buttoned. Sadly I’ve let myself go in the past two years and I’m currently at my heaviest and unhealthiest state. 2018 is the year I take my body back. Its my doctors orders 🙂
That being said, I’ve signed up for a local Whole 30 and exercise challenge with my friend Tim of Tim the Girl catering. I kick off the clean eating program January 7th and I’m actually quite excited about it. It’s my first step in committing to looking and feeling my best in any item of clothing in my closet. I’m also looking forward to using the program as a guide for a healthier approach to food once it ends. I’ve experienced many detoxes and I know how amazing, clean eating can feel. Just sucks for the first 10 days once you begin 🙂
I’ve been ready to take my career to the next level. I’m feeling a bit stagnant and it feels like a good time for a new chapter in Aquarius. The store will launch online as an e-commerce early in 2018 and I’m also considering a second location and second concept…stay tuned.


Cheers to 2018 my friends,

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