Have you ever seen someone wearing something and you go home and start searching for it online? Of course you have! We’re all guilty! Women are the best walking ad for the fashion business. Well I’m currently coveting shoes, specifically boots, from style posts on social media. I don’t know these women, but man their style has sold me on their shoes. Lucky for me, these must need boots have been easily found and can be a click away and on my doorstep with standard shipping.

Keri Russell in Rag and Bone’s Fall campaign. I first saw this image on their Instagram and I love love love Keri Russell. She has amazing style! Of course, the outfit is easy pieces that  you may already have but my eye went to the boots. These boots are the OH MA GOD.
Rag and Bone Exhibition Party with Keri in a better image of the boots.
The Wren boot. I don’t know if it will be available in that tan color Keri was wearing BUT I would happily take it in black. It’s also available in a red croc but I’ve got my eye on a pair of red boots already so I’d happily take them in black! Size 9 please.
Said red boots I’m eyeing…and need. Also Rag and Bone. Size 9 please.
I’ve had this image saved on my Pinterest page for a long time. I loved it because of the red boots. I love how they edge up the shirt dress a bit and how unexpected they are. When I was pursuing the Wren boot, those Rag and Bone red boots appeared as if the Universe knew I had been totally inspired by this stranger on Pinterest. It’s fate 🙂


A shoe you’ll be seeing A LOT this Fall so I’ll give you a heads up before you see it on someone and have shoe envy: the velvet platform. With a comfortable block heel, this shoe will be what I’m reaching for to pair with my harem pants and knits to cocktail/black tie dresses. I’ve got black and navy saved in my wish lists but I’d pull the trigger on navy. It’s versatile and not so boring as black. 


Had such a great time in West Texas by the way! One of my favorite places for a long weekend.


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