With an abundance of skincare products out there, it’s hard not to live in a constant state of temptation wondering if this next IT serum is what will finally fill in those emerging fine lines. Especially in the organic beauty industry which has really taken off in the last 5 years. Skincare lines are emerging left and right and just when I get comfortable with a skincare routine…BAM…a skincare line, a serum, a face wash or whatever debuts into the market. My mid 30’s self can’t help but feel curious that the product may eradicate my creeping forehead and neck wrinkles. I’m a woman and women love nothing more than aging beautifully and gracefully. Some seek Botox or doctor supervised answers, I personally, knowing too much about our poorly FDA regulated beauty industry and the amount of toxic chemicals our skin absorbs, prefer green skincare as much as possible. However with so many amazing lines out there, these are my absolute, loyal as a labrador to, must have products. Products I know will continue to deliver amazing results, hydrate, anti-age, combat my sporadic breakouts, firm and more.

Anything May Lindstrom is a pot of gold. Her Blue Cocoon is my secret weapon against anything really that my skincare isn’t helping. I also use her Jasmine toner and its really hydrating without drying. However, this Problem Solver mask…words cannot describe. First time I used it, for almost 40 mins per its instructions, my skin was how I always envisioned it afterwards. It’s my home facial and genie in a bottle.
RMS makeup. I’ll dabble in lipsticks from companies green or chemical. I often bust out my powder Charlotte Tillbury bronzer because I’m pressed for time. I use Charlotte Tillbury mascara. HOWEVER, no concealer or highlighter compares to RMS. It’s natural looking, highly effective, and as organic as can be. It’s also amazing for your skin as its coconut oil based. Like I said, I may dabble here or there, but I’m an RMS girl for my base/foundation everyday makeup. Their eye pots also are also the only thing I have in my drawer for eyes.
So the lovely Jean Godfrey June, the beauty Editor at GOOP, told me about this product in LA last month. We were talking Vitamin C and if its necessary for your skin as I couldn’t find one I thought really worked. She immediately told me this product has changed her skin and to stop anything I’m using and buy it. If Jean tells me to jump everyday to boost collagen, I’m jumping everyday. Lady knows her s%&T. Low and behold, its FANTASTIC! I mix it with their CLEAR Radiance Oil (recommended for adult sporadic acne and it has stopped my breakouts in their tracks) every morning. If I’m not breaking out, I’ll mix it with another day serum. I’m a believer in this product and I’m planning on trying more from this line. Hopefully carrying this line at Aquarius as well….
I love a website called Onda Beauty. Larissa Thomson curates the best of the best in skincare. Often Australian lines as that is where she is from. I ordered a few products and she sent me these face mask sheets to try as a thank you. I’ve ordered from her often. Guilty. This product from Edible Beauty ROCKS! Super hydrating but also really firming and tightening as its an advanced formula for anti-aging. I immediately noticed a brightening glow the first time I used one. It’s called the Bloom of Youth for a reason…I use one maybe once a month or every two weeks just to give my skin a super charged jolt.
Literally the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. If you’re in the know of organic beauty, you’ve heard of Vintner’s Daughter. LITERALLY EVERYONE on the GOOP Editor staff including Miss Gwyneth hailed this product in LA last month at the In Goop Health Summit I attended. I use it mainly at night and the key is the press/push method of applying. We sell it Aquarius and its the best thing in my opinion you can splurge on it. Your face will thank you. Cheaper than Botox or whatever you else your dermatologist may talk you into…and less maintenance.
I’ve used the entire GOOP skincare line and I always have a bottle of the day time and night time moisturizer in my cabinet. I use the night cream quite often, its rich and hydrating. BUT if I had to recommend one product from the line, it’d be the Exfoliating Instant Facial Masque. When I’m diligent and use twice a week, even once a week, my skin loves it. It helps greatly in cell turnover and dead cell removal. I also think it helps tame the onset of my forehead wrinkles. It tightens them quite instantly. It only takes about 1-3 mins depending on the sensitivity of your skin and I’d recommend doing it as night.


It’s amazing I don’t get overwhelmed when I go to wash my face haha…As my husband said once, “if you takes 30 mins in the bathroom and you look 20 yrs old, take all the time in the world.”



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