I have a lovely list of topics to write about on this new blog, but when I sat down to choose the first one I was like…huh. I debated between something light, more visual, an easy scroll on your phone or something that really needed me to sit down and speak. So here I am on a Thursday afternoon at Rosella Coffee with old school hip hop beats in my earbuds to write. I decided to introduce this blog with how I got here: launching a new blog and recommitting myself to writing. I will admit my previous blog, WhoWhatWearWine, was not my best effort as I wasn’t committed to posting daily, weekly, even once a month. It was like my commitment to the gym and I don’t look like Jennifer Lopez. Honestly I think my mother was my only follower:) maybe some of her friends… Nevertheless, I wasn’t inspired to write again…

Within the last year, I’ve had a consistent tug on my shirt from the writer within me. “I wanna talk Mama,” is what she says. Like any Mother that can’t pay attention at that moment, I assure and silence her with “just a minute.” I say Mama because I think of her as one of my creative children. I wanted to be a writer when I was young. I spent Summers making a weekly newsletter for my family’s ranch. It should have won a Pulitzer honestly, it was a labor of love drawing the header every week and the pictures to go with the stories I wrote. Also it was completely ahead of its time. I took classes with local poet, Naomi Nye. I even won a statewide contest for young poets. I majored in Creative Writing in college. I spent my last semester writing short stories every other week that were edited and criticized in student writer workshops. A room of sexually confused often angry females and potential science fiction writers. They were all so incredibly talented that it wasn’t unusual to find me in the bathroom before or after workshop telling myself “you’re a winner” in the mirror. Seriously! On top of that, my college paper had to be a short novel and I was working on that during these required workshop assignments. By the end I was burnt out and a little defeated by the push and pull of good and bad feedback. I didn’t go on to be a writer, long story short, I don’t even work in journalism. My “exhaustion” had gotten the best of me.

Fast forward 11 years. I still don’t think I’m a Hemingway, but I love to write. I applaud and respect self-expression. I love the high of a good conversation. One that is free of judgment, empowering, and leaves you feeling inspired and that someone wants to hear what you have to say. Let’s be honest, there is A LOT of opinion running rampant right now and everyone wants to be heard and not listen in return. I don’t know if its a new found inspiration, a new chapter I just started in my life, but I’m ready to write again. Put myself out there and not give a damn and let the Universe run with it. I don’t know if this blog will turn into a public speaker series haha, but it’s my empowering conversation even if it’s just with my old running on empty laptop. With a new header look and name, I’ve returned to “blog” or whatever the kids call it these days. I hope you enjoy and if you don’t, wait for the next post!

What will be, will be-

*I maybe launching a Que Sera, Sara instagram. The content would be reflective of the blog (fashion, stories from my store, social issues, health and wellness, interior design, books, favorite people and more) and also insta happenings in my life. Let me know what you think? Would you follow? For right now, please follow my other creative child @aquarisboutique

2 thoughts on “My Testimony, Qualification, or Truth.”

  1. I am so proud of you…. What a life you have created ….and you have picked up your beautiful writing skills to translate all the you….Feel….. See….. Hear…. And …Explore……. You can create anything you DESIRE…… Full steam ahead…… All my love and devotion forever…….

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